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7 months ago
Please, they don't use real photo for their products; extremely poor materials.
a year ago
theo leutenegger
Des costumes de mauvaises qualités avec des finitions horribles. Les ceintures sont en plastique, les poches sont des fausses, les fermetures éclairs sont en fait des scratchs, et dans le cas de ma tenue, il y avait un masque.....sans les trous pour les yeux. Bref ne commandez pas sur ce site, il est mauvais, et le retour est impossible, sauf si vous voulez encore perdre au mieux 50 euros, au pire une autre centaine. Et je ne parle même pas de l'emballage arrivé pleins de trous, ou des frais de livraisons qui comptent pour 1/4 du prix.
a year ago
Ich habe erst garkein Kostüm bekommen. Auch auf meine deutsch- und englischsprachigen Mails wurde nicht reagiert, Sehr schade, denn diese Optik an Kostüm und vor allem diesem Cosplay Character bekommt sonst nicht. Aber durch payPal habe ich problemlos mein Gld zurück bekommen.
a year ago
Buyers beware. If they mess your order up, you will NEVER get a refund, no matter how in the wrong they are and regardless of what they say on their page. First of all, I ordered the costume on July 26th and told them I need it by the end of Sept. It should only take 2 to 3 weeks to tailor and a week or two to ship. By early September I asked them for a status. They hadn't even started. I asked for a refund since the costume would not make it in time for my con even though I ordered it with plenty of time. They did not want to give me a refund and offered a 15% discount and told me I can just wear it to another convention. I thought this was rude, but I accepted. They never sent me my discount. A month later I receive the costume and it was completely wrong. On their page it said it would be made out of vinyl and leather. It was made out of velvet. In addition the boots I ordered were supposed to be the same dark green as the costume. They were bright lime green. When I asked for a refund, they tried to push a 50% discount on me. Considering I never got the first promised discount and can never wear the costume because it was so completely wrong, I declined. Eventually I told them I would open a dispute with Paypal and my Credit Card company, so the conceded to give me a refund. I waited a month and a half, and got no refund. I reached out to them and they said they would check on the status of my refund. Another three weeks have passed. Since then I have sent them two more emails and they are now ignoring me. Finally I gave up and opened up a case through Paypal. I hope I will get my refund. On another note, I actually purchased two costumes from them around the same time. The second costume was made incorrectly also and had missing items. They refused to send the missing items like they promise on the page. In short, if they make a mistake, you are the one who loses because they will continuously tell you that you are wrong and their tailor was right. The prices may be cheap but service and quality matches. So I tell you to purchase with caution.
a year ago
Sehr schlechter Shop, wünschte ich hätte dort nie bestellt. Ich bin sehr schlank und trage XS also habe ich diese dort auch bestellt. Bekommen habe ich eine M. Als ich EZCOSPLAY eine Email schrieb meinten sie das das so ihrer XS entsprach. Mir ist das Cosplay viel zu gross!!! Sie geben mir nicht mal einen Teil meines Geldes wieder. Das einzige was ich von diesem Shop empfehlen kann sind Perücken (dunklere Perücken sollen laut meiner Freundin beim schwitzen abfärben) also Achtung, wäre schade um eure schönen Cosplays :/. Props und Perücken kommen wie beschrieben an und sind auch das Geld wert. Man muss bloss damit rechnen das Kleinigkeiten vielleicht kaputt sind. Im grossen und ganzen werde ich dort nicht mehr bestellen egal wie viel Auswahl sie dort haben. Spart euch das Geld und den Ärger