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翻译 2020年07月13日


Don’t order from them; it’s a scam. I ordered an item in mid-May, immediately got a confirmation email, and no further communication. After a month, I contacted them on their site and via Facebook; no response. Turns out moooh is a Chinese site posing as a European one. Luckily I paid via PayPal, so I was able to get all my money back.
翻译 2020年05月19日

Scam Victim

Ordered item, received a confirmation email that was probably generated without any human intervention, ie, by the web site. Never heard from them again after one month. I wish I would have checked the reviews first. I don’t think anyone is actually working there, they’re just taking peoples’ money at this point. Instagram account hasn’t been active for 3 years, FB messages go unread. Crooks. Stay away.
翻译 2020年05月02日


Total scam. I, too, placed an order and months later have yet to receive my item nor any response from them. Attempting to get chargeback from the credit card company bc Moooh will never respond to refund anything.
翻译 2020年02月15日

Irate Shopper

They sent me a confirmation email and some form email from the owner. But one month later and still no information about shipment. This company is a scam. If you ordered from them and in the same predicament, file a chargeback with your card as you will not get a refund issued by them.
翻译 2020年01月23日


Ordered a size 6 male boots on 11.01.20, received initial acknowledgment to order but to date no communication from company when order will be sent. Asking for reimbursement of money. Not a good service!!!
翻译 2019年03月15日


I haven't received my order. I have already sent an email twice to ask where my package is but there is no response. Very bad. I don't order anything anymore
翻译 2018年07月09日


I've ordered a Hoodie over 2 months ago , they told me they shipped it out and i recived a tracking number but to this day there's still no tracking information. I contacted them about it and they told me they would ask Hong Kong Post about it , after 2 weeks i still got no answer back even when i tried to email them again. Luckily i paid with Paypal and i got my money back , but i won't buy from them again. I left a negative review on their site as well but they delete all negative reviews.
翻译 2018年03月18日


I’ve tried over and over trying to get in touch with somebody about my order it says my order has been shipped but yet NO TRACKING NUMBER It’s for my PROM & I feel like they’re very unprofessional !!!!
翻译 2017年08月25日


I wish I could give them less than 1 star! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

I ordered shoes and when they arrived they seemed like a men's size rather than a woman's (these were women's shoes). However, the shoe had no label on it, so I couldn't tell what size they were.

I contacted their FB page and didn't get any responses to I sent it back to the address on their website. It has been A MONTH and I have still not received any refund (and shipping was super expensive so don't even risk it if you live in the US).

I have contacted them several times. I feel scammed out of my money for both the shoes and the shipping since I haven't been reimbursed for either.
翻译 2015年01月04日


Kundenserivice kann man wie bei den meisten chinesischen Modehändlern vergessen! Kleidung ist aber echt cool!! Hat auch alles einigermaßen gepasst und stimmte von der Verarbeitung, lg Helin
翻译 2014年12月31日


find die versanddauern irgendwie undurchsichtig (und wo die klamotten gelagert steht da auch nich??) aber dachte mir bestelle trotzdem mal weil es da echt coole klamotten gibt. hat eine gefühlte ewigkeit gedauert, ca 18 tage aber die qualität ist wirklich echt nicht schlecht hab schon echt schlechtere quali bekommen zum beispiel bei romwe (obwohl ich mit dem sonst auch nur gute erfahrungen gemacht habe) ich find mooh insgesamt ech gut. meine freundin und ich bestellen bestimmt nochmal

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